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FFL Services

Founders Tactical provides FFL transfers, gunsmithing services and private transfers:

FFL Transfers

Purchasing a firearm online? Send it to us for pickup! Firearms purchased online must be sent to a federally-licensed dealer. We accept delivery of firearms and process the background check that you're required to pass before taking possession. We make Purchasing a firearm online easy and hassle-free. Your search for an FFL transfer near me is right here! We have the lowest transfer fees in Central New York:

FFL Transfers Fees*

Long guns: $40

Handguns: $50

Ammunition: $30

NFA Items: $100

Founders Tactical holds a Class 3 SOT and can deal in NFA items such as suppressors, short-barreled rifles, and machine guns.

*$10 off for Law Enforcement and Veterans. 

Private Transfers

We facilitate transfers between private parties for:

  • Private Sales

  • Estate Sales*

  • Auctions/Consignment Sales

*When a loved one passes away and leaves firearms behind, the estate is legally required to turn the firearms over to a licensed gun dealer within 15 days of passing. Call Founders Tactical, and we'll pick up and safely transport your firearms to our secure facility for storage. From there, we can either transfer them to surviving family members, or auction them off online in exchange for 20% of the sales price. We'll then cut you a check for the net proceeds.


 Founders Tactical holds a Type 08 FFL and is permitted to import firearms into the United States. Please contact us for more information regarding importation.


We provide basic gunsmithing services and repairs, including:

  • Dissasembly, deep clean and lube

  • Trigger swaps

  • Sight swaps

  • Barrel swaps

  • Stock and grip intallations

  • Gas tube/block repairs

  • Rail installations

  • Gun Cleaning services

Need Gun cleaning services? Interested in purchasing a firearm online? We are offering professional gun cleaning services  and other gunsmithing services in New York.

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