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  • Michael J. Lembo, CPA

3 Loads that will Change Your Mind About the 9mm

The 9mm Luger is one of the world's most widely used handgun cartridges. It is famous for police and military use. The 9mm is a high-pressure number, offering performance out of proportion to its size. The cartridge provides enough recoil for the occasional shooter to handle good accuracy in suitable pistols.

It can be effective with the right combination of expansion and penetration.

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9mm was underloaded, and the projectiles used in defense loads were underdeveloped. This was the cause of spectacular failures and a lack of confidence in the 9mm. The three tested loads we share can change your mind about 9mm. They are solid choices for personal defense and will perform well in various situations.

Federal 9mm 115-Grain JHP Train and Protect

The old Federal 9B has tremendous respect in law enforcement as a reliable and effective loading. Heavier weight loads were adopted because agencies faced felons behind cover in half of their engagements. Federal 9mm is available in 50-round boxes, which makes it a good choice for personal defense.

Velocity: 1,134 fps (SIG)

Penetration: 12 inches

Expansion: .68 inch

SIG Elite 147-Grain V Crown

The 9mm was initially designed for long-range accuracy in suppressed MP5 SMGs. 147-grain Subsonic hollow point was adopted when Federal agencies looked for greater penetration in handguns. SIG Elite 147-Grain V Crown addressed issues found in heavier 9mm. The SIG V Crown offers accurate loading in every handgun. SIG also offers 115 and 124-grain loads for those facing falcons behind cover or those heavily bundled in winter with clothing.

Velocity: 1,001 fps (SIG)

Penetration: 20 inches

Expansion: .56 inches

Federal Syntech Defense 138-Grain SJHP

The Federal Syntech Defense 138-Grain SJHP produces a hollow point that makes fragments as it travels. Fired into the water about at the 10-12 inch mark, the water jugs show tears from existing shards of the bullet nose. The shank travels straight, offering significant penetration to reach vital organs, while the shards produce wounds outside the wound track.

Velocity: 1,112 fps (SIG)

Penetration: 22 inches

Expansion: .42 inches

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