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Everything you need to know about Firearms Malfunctions

Even if you buy a high-quality firearm and use it with care, you can experience the occasional hiccup in function. It's essential to recognize and anticipate the typical firearm malfunctions that enable you to identify them when they occur and take the proper corrective measures.

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Anytime you deal with firearms, there may be malfunctions from time to time. These malfunctions usually occur due to ammunition or mechanical issues. Whether you are shooting an action pistol match or a self-defense weapon, It's important to know and understand the ability to recover from a malfunction to be a practical shooter.

Ammunition Malfunctions

These malfunctions are rare, but they do happen. There are three types of ammunition malfunctions:

● Misfire: If you pull the trigger and there is no bang, this is considered a misfire. The reason can be lousy primer or powder in the cartridge that has been compromised.

● Hangfire: The first indication of a hangfire is the same as a misfire. You have pulled the trigger, and nothing has happened. There may be a delay between when you pull the trigger and when the round goes off.

● Squib Load: When the cartridge has insufficient powder to propel the bullet to the target fully, squid load is likely to occur.

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Failure to Extract:

Failure to extract happens when the extractor fails to grab the spent casing from the chamber as the slides move to the rear. A double feed is a usual result because there will be no place for the next round as the spent casing blocks the chamber.

Failure to Feed:

When the cartridge is pushed out of the magazine into the chamber, sometimes it will exit the magazine at a slight angle. The cartridge will catch on the chamber rather than entering the casing.

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