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Shadow Systems MR920: Why You Should Own One

Shadow Systems manufactures defensive pistols in the United States by using Glock Gen3 internal components. While Glock-inspired designs are common, Shadow Systems wants to differentiate itself by selling upgraded, fully equipped handguns at prices lower than competitors. They are on track to outperform similarly constructed aftermarket builds in terms of value and reliability.

The Shadow Systems MR920 is currently one of the hottest-selling handguns, and for good reason. The acronym MR refers to "multi-role," and these handguns are designed for everyday use. The MR920 is designed for the same use case as the revered GLOCK 19, with appointments that will please most pistol snobs, all while remaining compatible with most Gen3 and Gen4 GLOCK parts.

The Benefits Of Using The MR920

  1. The MR920 pistol is ideal for both concealed carry and home defense applications.

  2. Because of the shorter grip, it is slightly more concealable than a G17. It essentially has a G17 slide with a G19 frame.

  3. It's more comfortable for appendix carry. This is due to the length distributing pressure more effectively.

  4. The MR920 comes with a high-strength, injection-molded polymer magazine well.

  5. Although designed to help avoid slide bite, the enlarged beavertail also aids in recoil control. Shadow Systems incorporated minor circular cuts to the tail's edges to help reduce printing while also not getting in the way of drawing the weapon.

  6. The sliding stop curtain of the MR920 is reinforced. This is to help prevent inadvertent engagement of the slide stop. This also adds to the frame's appearance. Although it isn't a significant deal, it adds a nice touch.

  7. The MR920 is a pleasure to shoot right out of the box. The Recoil Control Ledge's enhanced stability provided the impression of greater control; You can apply more pressure to your thumb without worrying about it slipping or moving. It's a flat shooting pistol that's a pleasure to fire.

Features of the MR920


When you consider that the Shadow Systems MR920 uses an aluminum trigger shoe, the trigger is a significant point of value. The trigger shoe is not completely flat-faced, but it does feature a flat part with a slightly rounded curve. The center of the trigger is quite flat, but the edges have chamfers that make it a very pleasant trigger to put your finger on. There are no sharp edges, and everything feels quite natural.

Trigger Pull

This trigger works perfectly. It has a rolling break rather than the conventional Gen3 Glock trigger. However, in terms of trigger pull feel, it's definitely on par with the Gen4 Glock trigger.

The trigger shoe is also appealing. The good thing is that it's a regular Glock, so if you want to change the trigger characteristics, you can go in and polish some of the parts or replace them with aftermarket connectors.


Shadow Systems did not simply clone the Gen3 Glock frame, as you might expect. Instead, they attempted to improve the ergonomics of the Gen3 19 frame as a whole, which resulted in the gun feeling only vaguely similar to the basic design. It's significantly smaller in its basic configuration and simply feels nicer in the hand. This gun places your grip exactly where it needs to be for a nice, solid grip.

Grip Angle

The MR920 has a retractable backstrap mechanism that allows you to adjust the gun's grip angle. They come in three sizes, allowing you to adjust the pistol and its grip angle to your unique shooting taste.

A little lip at the front of the mag well is another great touch. You can lay your pinky on this small lip to gain a little additional leverage on the frame. When combined with the gun's beavertail and tang, the lip drives your hand high up into the grip.

It gives a lot of leverage to the bottom of the grip with your pinky. This greatly aids in recoil management and obtaining a proper hold on the handgun.


The Shadow Systems MR920 has a textured grip, with stippling covering much of the surface. It's a sandpaper-style texture, about equivalent to 600-grit. This makes the gun feel secure in your hand, even with sweaty palms - something we all might experience in high-stress situations.

Red-Dot Options

The Shadow Systems MR920 series includes a red-dot cut as standard. They have a clever red-dot mounting system with numerous threaded holes in the slide and a rear spacer system that allows you to set different dots on the pistol without having air gaps between the front and back of the slide.

One disadvantage of this optics mounting mechanism is that it does not accept all red dots, and there are no aftermarket plates that do, thus attaching something like the Holosun 509T or Aimpoint Acro is not a choice at this time.

Mounting a red dot is straightforward. Just follow the steps:

  • Remove the cover that comes with it.

  • Select the appropriate shim (there are only two).

  • Position the shim behind the cut.

  • Screw the optic in place, using a dab of thread lock on each screw.


This gun requires the same maintenance as any other Glock. It's simple to take down. Purchase a good cleaning kit and some CLP. Remove the slide and clean the barrel at least every few hundred rounds. We recommend cleaning after every trip to the range. Apply a small amount of lube to the slides, and carefully inspect the firearm for functionality and condition after reassembly.

Specifications Of Shadow Systems MR920

Caliber: 9mm

Capacity: Two 15-round magazines (PMag GL-9 15)

Weight: 20.5 ounces

Barrel Length: 4” (unthreaded) 4.5” (Threaded)

Overall Length: 7.13”

Height: 4.75″

Maximum Width: 1.25”

Trigger: 4 lbs

Sights: High Vis. Tritium Front (yellow) / serrated Black Rear

Controls: Swappable magazine release

MSRP: $799 to $1049 depending on options

**Founders Tactical sells all models of the MR920, and we will price match any in-stock competitor!**


Overall, the Shadow Systems MR920 is a well-thought-out and easy-to-use gun. If you like to buy a new GLOCK, then add new sights, a grip package, have slide work done, etc, then the MR920 is an excellent value. Most, if not all, of the features that shooters demand are available in MR920 versions at a reasonable price.

If you value the features it provides, the Shadow Systems MR920 is an excellent buy. However, the MR920 is undoubtedly a simpler and more pleasurable gun to shoot right out of the box than a standard GLOCK 19.

At Founders Tactical, we sell firearms, ammo, and more at unbeatable prices. We also price match, and offer financing! One thing that distinguishes Founders Tactical from other dealers is that we are available 24/7 via text message at (315) 927-1776. We also donate 10% of our annual profits to gun advocacy groups such as the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and Gun Owners of America (GOA). You can quickly find what you're looking for on our website, order it, and have it delivered right to your door or local FFL dealer.

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